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Felt Tip Brush Pens – 10 Pop Colours


Brightly coloured double ended Felt Tip Brush Pens – 10 pop colours. Each clever marker has a fine tip and a brush tip so you can adapt the precision of the line. Fine art quality materials to create the most beautiful works in complete creative freedom.

Sold out!

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    • Double tip markers: 1 brush tip to fill in large areas and 1 fine tip for details.
    • Fine Arts quality product.
    • Washable ink on hands and clothing.
    • 6 classic colours and 4 neon colours.
    • Contents: 10 double-tip markers (fine + brush): neon yellow, neon pink, neon orange, neon green, petrol blue, azure blue, sulphur yellow, coral red, plum, cinnamon.
    • Age: +6
    • Product code: DJ08799