Inspired By… The South


Inspired By… The South is a pocket of scratch cards that invites you to discover the style of Vincent Van Gogh, the great pre-Fauvist master. Using the wooden stylus, the surface of the cards is scratched, reproducing the patterns imagined by the illustrator. The paintings are thus gradually unveiled and the landscapes come to life.

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    • To discover the work of Vincent Van Gogh, the meeting between a contemporary illustrator and the great master.
    • Suitable for up to 99 years old because there is no age limit to immerse yourself in the world of art!
    • What a pleasure to discover the hidden illustrations and to learn how to create patterns.
    • Includes an explanatory booklet, which details the activity step by step.
    • An FSC® certified paper and cardboard product.
    • Contents: 4 scratch cards (20 x 20 cm), 1 double-pointed wooden stick, 1 step-by-step colour booklet.
    • Product code: DJ09378
    • Age range: 5-99 years