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Feel-Good Chocolate, Colourful Bunnies and Adorable Cards 🐣

As wonderful as warmer days and lighter evenings are, we do tend to mark the onset of Spring by the arrival of a certain chocolate-loving Bunny. A potent combination of a long bank holiday weekend, age-old family traditions and copious sugar highs means that Easter is the first FUN celebration of the year (yes, thats right, remember a little thing called fun?!). We’re all in agreement that occasions this year need to be grabbed at with gusto, so, with that in mind, we wanted to share with you how we can make your Easter brighter, friendlier and certainly fluffier (if you’re that way inclined).

Chocolate Slabs

Our chocolate of choice is always Arthouse Unlimited’s varied and interesting gold-draped bars. A company that does so much good and creates products that look this fancy make gifting really blimmin’ easy. Designed by a collective of artists living with complex disabilities, these delicious slabs come in the most divine flavours: Milk Chocolate Cheesecake with Gingernut Crunch anyone?

Ever-pleasing Jellycat

It’s no secret that the Spencer Thorn gang are all Jellycat mad (job requirement) and this year’s seasonal offerings have produced next-level noises of delight (and purchases). Fluffy flowers, it turns out, are just what we all needed.

Easter Cards

Although we’re experts in finding reasons to send cards, Easter’s imagery of baby animals, jolly little eggs and beautiful blossom are extra-special reminders of all there is to look forward to as Spring takes hold. Daffodils are such a happy flower don’t you think? And this year, as well as cards be-decked with everyone’s favourite yellow blooms, we also have them in eternal, cuddly form.

The Easter Bunny

And what would Easter be without bunnies? We like to think as ourselves as the most rabbit-filled shop in Bude now that the pet shop is long gone, and handily ours come in a rainbow of colours and require absolutely no maintenance! The perfect present for little ones learning about Spring or big ones being so resilient through a tough year, this year’s dinky ‘minilops’ deserve extra special mention for obscene levels of cuteness.

A Good Book

Now, we’ve got the chocolates, bunnies and cards sorted, why not carve out some time over the long weekend to start a new book? We are LOVING making recommendations for you over on our Bookshop page and can happily discuss books through our social media channels or on the phone if you would like. Spring’s air of freshness and gloriously-green hues make us want to get out into the garden, head off on adventures and fill our brains with shiny newness: our book lists can help you do all that and more.

And whilst eggs are being hunted for, lambs leaping in the fields and leaves unfurling on the trees, we’ll be getting our little shop of dreams ready for its grand-reopening on April 12th. My goodness it feels like a long time since we’ve felt that familiar glow of happy voices and jolly chatter amongst our shelves. We truly can’t wait to see you all again, but until then, enjoy the energising freshness and hope in the air. 

 You know where we are if you need us (or our bunnies 🐰 )

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