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Escape Room Ancient Egypt Edition


The mighty pharaoh curses all who disturb him… and in this Escape Room Ancient Egypt Edition, that’s you! Escape to Egypt, land of tombs, magic, sand dunes and disgruntled ancient mummies.

For the next 60 minutes, you and your team must put the pharaoh back into his eternal slumber by solving the puzzles and revealing the spell to send him back to the afterlife. This high-stakes, immersive adventure game is an exciting family activity perfect for the chilly winter months. Designed for younger players, this escape room has an easy difficulty level and is suitable for ages 9+. A smartphone, tablet or watch is required for the interactive elements of this game.

Sold out!

  • Description


    Contents includes:

    • An Instruction booklet
    • 12 x Game Puzzles
    • 8 x Tracing Paper Sheets
    • 1 x Notepad
    • 1 x Interactive Ending
    • Photobooth Frame.

    Recommended for age 9+ and 2+ players.

    How to play this ‘Host Your Own Escape Room Game Egypt Edition’:

    First, it’s time to travel to Egypt by scanning the interactive QR code and watching the introduction video to set the scene. Now, your quest begins! For added atmosphere, use the playlist QR code to access an Egyptian mix that you can listen to as you work.

    Set a timer for 60 minutes and work as a team to uncover the words, numbers and hieroglyphics you need to solve the puzzles before the timer runs out. Don’t worry – we’ve included hints in the instruction booklet in case you get stumped at a tombstone. Enter your answers into the interactive answers page to find out whether you’ve cracked the code and escaped the pharaoh’s curse…