Jumping Jacks to Colour In – Dinos


Djeco Jumping Jacks to Colour In – Dinos is a colouring and assembly kit to make 6 dinosaur puppets. The child colours and detaches the cardboard pieces, then assembles them to create dinosaur puppets. All that remains is to animate them and imagine beautiful stories in the time of the dinosaurs!

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    • 2-in-1 activity: colour and then assemble the puppets.
    • Step-by-step instruction booklet.
    • An original colouring activity.
    • Contents: 3 sheets of pre-cut printed elements for colouring (20 x 20 cm), 27 Parisian ties, 6 wooden sticks, 6 transparent stickers, 1 step-by-step colour guide booklet.
    • Age range: 6-10 years
    • Product code: DJ09680