Friends and Family Games Night


Host your own games night and bring your friends and family together for an unforgettable night of screen-free entertainment.

This Friends and Family Games Night board game combines your favourite classic party games with a competitive twist! Be sure to choose your team mates carefully as you dance, draw and sing your way to the finish line.

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  • Description


    Contents includes:

    • 180 x Games Cards
    • 4 x Playing Pieces
    • 1 x Gameboard
    • 1 x Spinner
    • 1 x Paper Pad
    • 1 x Pencil (Family not included, so you’ll need to bring your own)

    Recommended for age 8+ and 2+ players.

    How to play this ‘Friends & Family Games Night Board Game’:

    You can’t choose your family but you can choose your team! Work your way around the game board by using the spinner to select a game card. With 6 games to land on including Charades, Quick Draw and Three Clues, you’re guaranteed for a hilarious evening of light hearted fun. Win the round to move your piece one step closer to the finish line – the first team to the finish line wins.

    Who to enjoy this ‘Friends & Family Games Night Board Game’ with:

    Turn off the tech and team up for an old fashioned evening of fun with family and friends. With 6 different games to play, there’s a game to match everyone strengths, whether that’s acting, singing or general knowledge. The perfect addition to a dinner party, family games night or gift for a games loving friend.