Horse Racing Night


Bring the buzz of the racetrack right into your home with this Horse Racing Night board game. Go head to head with your nearest and dearest and get ready for a fast-paced and competitive family game of bluffing and double-crossing.

The ideal gift for horse lovers, work your way around this gameboard winning races and collecting cash to be in with a chance of earning the International Festival Prize Cup. When the stakes are high, morals can run low, so watch out for hedges, water jumps and foul play. A great way to spend a cosy evening with friends or bring everyone together for a family games night. Play in teams or individually for smaller groups.

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  • Description


    Contents includes:

    • 2 x Instruction booklets
    • 1 x Gameboard
    • 420 x Gameplay Cards
    • 6 x Collection Cards
    • 6 x Profile Cards
    • 6 x Playing Pieces
    • 1 x Notepad
    • 1 x Wooden Dice

    Recommended for age 14+ and 3+ players.

    No knowledge of horse racing required.

    How to play this ‘Host Your Own Horse Racing Night Game’:

    Once your players have gathered, kick things off by scanning the QR code with a smartphone, tablet, or watch to view an intro video that explains the game. As competitive rivalries begin to brew, lay out the gameboard, shuffle the deck and then deal out the necessary cards to each player.

    With no time to horse around, pick your playing piece and roll the dice, moving clockwise around the gameboard just like a horse racing track. To determine the winner, sum up the money won from races, bets, and fame cards – the highest total wins the game.