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An Egg-cellent Sugar-Free Easter?

An Egg-cellent Sugar-Free Easter?

A sugar-free Easter? Absolutely not, we would never endorse that (Mini Egg season is an important part of our year). But, in amongst the delightfully sugary, pastel-hued rush of Easter and its promise of warmer days and floral hedgerows, we’re standing up and saying that *some* Easter gifts could benefit from being sugar-free. Some.

We’ve once again donned our lab coats (check out our previous, highly scientific Jellycat research here) and found out that, on average, each child in the UK receives 8 Easter eggs. And, whilst this blog post isn’t totally written from a place of jealousy (we’re lucky if we get one egg these days!), we also think that there’s more to gifting than chocolate, even at Easter.

Firstly, we’re BIG on celebrating the changing seasons and dotting the year with joyful occasions: bringing out a stash of Easter (or Christmas!) books each year becomes part of happy traditions. This year, we have more Easter books than ever: they make a great present for a little person AND can be brought out and read with chocolate-sticky hands for years to come.

Easter Jellycat

Next, you’ve guessed it, it wouldn’t be a Spencer Thorn gift guide without a Jellycat section! A plethora of pastel bunnies sit merrily next to butterflies, seedlings and the happiest flowers you ever did see. And if you’re still feeling egg-cited for egg-cellent Eggs, we have the cutest kind that won’t be eaten in 2 minutes flat. Peruse our Easter Jellycat highlights for Spring-spiration…!

Gifts that compliment the Spring-time joys of more time outside and the awakening of nature also guarantee to bring more joy than a short sugar-fix. We especially love our beautiful new flower press that is sure to elevate simple strolls into collecting opportunities for rainy day crafts. A gift that keeps on giving, all through the year!

SO, that’s our call to *some* sugar-free Easter fun. Are you crying into your creme eggs? Or ready for an Easter Sunday without over-egging it? 

P.s  we do sell chocolate too.

Happy Easter!

The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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