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Djeco’s Top 5 Gift Ideas For A Fun Festive Season

Djeco Gift Ideas

Djeco’s Top 5 Gift Ideas For A Fun Festive Season

It’s that time of year where lots of wonderful little gifts are vying for your attention as you come to terms with the fact Christmas is fast approaching. It’s hard to know where to start, how to keep track, what to budget and where to store them. We get it, we’re all in the same feeling festive-but-a-little-overwhelmed boat! So, as always, we’re here to help, armed with our jolly shelves of good stuff and insider knowledge of which company’s elves make the best things.

One of our favourite places to receive a huge box from is the wonderful Djeco catalogue. Started in mid-century France, this family-ran business holds tight its dream of creating toys that aren’t on the market, designed with artistry that promotes drawing, design, and aesthetics. We love them, you love them and your small people will too.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to compile a little list of our top 5 Djeco gift ideas this Winter. All of them have a few options of style or interests to make sure you can find the perfect fit for your lucky recipient. Let’s get started!

Djeco Gift Ideas

1. The Tinyly Universe

Small world play with a sprinkling of extra magic, these collectible figurines all come with their own unusual sidekick. Created by Virginie Brachet, there is a huge range of colours, people and fun within this beautiful imaginative world. Handily, there are now card games and stickers to continue the tingly joy. See a small selection of the Tinyly Djeco Toys below or click here to see the full range!

2. Djeco Do It Yourself Kits

The perfect self-contained gift, these kits encourage patience, creativity and dexterity, with everything needed to produce something incredible to be proud of! Again, covering lots of interests and themes, these have Boxing Day project written all over them. See the full range of Djeco arty toys.

3. Djeco Jewellery Boxes

A timeless classic, the gift that can house huge swathes of childhood treasure (and jewellery of course), Djeco makes the most unique and beautiful tinkly ones. Click here to see all the wonderful Djeco jewellery boxes.

4. Djeco Tattoos

A stocking filler guaranteed to bring woops of joy and heavily-tattooed children, let those little people enjoy some big-people tattoo fun (for a few days!). With Djeco’s trademark aesthetic, these tattoos are full of magical motifs and even some glittery fun!

5. Djeco Craft Kits

We’ve raved about them before and we’ll rave about them again, Djeco crafts cover everything from making silly sticker faces for toddlers to intricately carved scratchboard masterpieces for some pre-teen artists. Djeco Puzzles, Dinosaurs, origami, glitter: all of the best things ready for a gift, stocking filler, or craft cupboard win. See everything crafty by clicking here!

We hope you like our Djeco Gift Ideas! These are just a delightful but teeny slice of the Djeco Christmas pudding, so do have a browse of the entire Djeco online shop. Or simply come in and let us guide you to the perfect gift.

Happy shopping!

The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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