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Six Reads to Pack in Your Staycation Suitcase

Six Reads to Pack in Your Staycation Suitcase

Deciding to see the positive in all situations isn’t easy, but as our (hopefully) last lockdown eases and we can all enjoy hugs, pubs and trips we’re seeing a summer of staycations as a chance to explore new places without having to go through any queue-heavy airports. Living in Cornwall makes us pretty lucky in ‘magical places in easy reach’ stakes, but we’re also planning on travel further afield to remind ourselves just how important a change of scenery is. Naturally, much of the excitement is in the anticipation of adventure; the planning, daydreaming and giddy googling. So, we’ve got our sunglasses, toiletries and travel guides packed and have some important recommendations of exactly what else you’ll need…

Of course, a suitcase wouldn’t be full or heavy enough without at least one book to enhance those chill holiday vibes. Perfect for post-walk, pre-breakfast or after an epic sunset, we know exactly what books we will be reaching for from our shelves this sunny season. As always, talking books is one of our favourite hobbies (alongside reading and shopping for books) so do let us know if six reads just aren’t enough for you and we will happily recommend more more more!
  1. Klara and The Sun – Kazuo Ishiguro – A beautiful, moving book that’s best read in a sunny spot, we fell hard for characters that stay with you (the best kind). Ishiguro explores what it means to love in his trademark engaging, yet slightly surreal way.
  2. Lean Fall Stand – Jon McGregor. A novel on the human impulse to communicate and tell our story, Lean Fall Stand in a gripping exploration of an Antarctic researcher hit by tragedy and just how brave it can sometimes be to get through each day. One to ponder over.
  3.  Luster – Raven Leilani – If you like your reads smart, provocative and funny, Luster is for you: it’s a novel to fall into and thenstruggle to put down. Edie is just trying to survive in her dead-end job when she meets Eric, a middle-aged man in an almost-open marriage. A riveting, important look at the nuances of being young, being a woman and being black, you’ll be telling all your friends about this book.
  4. The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman. Recently published in paperback, copies of The Thursday Murder Club have been flying off of our shelves! The setting of Osman’s debut novel is a peaceful retirement village, where four friends meet every week to investigate unsolved murders. The friends may be pushing eighty, but suddenly they find themselves in the middle of their first live case. It’s brilliant, utterly gripping and  blimmin’ FUN. The perfect summer read.
  5. Small Pleasures- Clare Chambers. We’re suckers for a beautiful cover, retro setting and tender, compassionate storyline. Small Pleasures follows the investigation of local reporter Jean Swinney into the claim of a virgin birth in 1957. It’s quietly charming, affecting and the kind of read to curl up with and get lost in.
  6. Humankind a Hopeful History – Rutger Bregman. ‘Compelling tales of human goodness’ is as good an explanation of any of this uplifting history of kindness by Rutger Bregman. It’s an illuminating book that will be best combined with a change of scenery and a fresh outlook on life. You won’t regret reading it.

Wherever you are heading this year, we hope you have a wonderful time exploring, reading and relaxing. And, of course, if you’re heading to Cornwall do pop in and say hello!

Safe travels,
The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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