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Spring into a New Season

Is everyone else feeling ever so slightly like a butterfly at the moment? Emerging from a very constrictive (but cosy) chrysalis to bask in the Spring sunshine and wear bright colours that match your awakened mood? Feeling the strength of those wings that are ready to move and soar and explore? Even if you haven’t been feeling particularly insect-like, we hope that the blossoming trees have lifted your mood and made you remember that things do indeed get better.

We’ve been fluttering around in our little shop over the past few weeks getting it just right for everyone else to flock back to. Many hours of the Easter Weekend were spent arranging Jellycats (look out for the dinosaur shelf) and big boxes have been arriving of the most wonderful additions to your happy, slightly more autonomous Summer lives!

So, we wanted to give those in the know (you, the lovely people on our website) a little heads up about some of the new delights we have in-store and on-line.

Firstly, Katie Loxton has surpassed herself with the most exquisite Spring palette of vegan leather bags and pouches. Adorned with the trademark luxe touches, tassels and gold-tone zips, these beauties are sure to see you through all manner of social occasions with a flourish (and all of your most important things). Look out for the new birthstone range too, we think they make the most thoughtful, colourful gift!

Pops of pastel and flickering candlelight combine for the most magical kind of Spring evening with Talking Table’s new Boho Spice range. Will you go for clashing colours or tonal treats? So many on-trend options with these beautiful glass candlesticks and dinner candles.

Many of us have realised that our gardens are our sanctuary over the last year. Certainly, whilst we are only able to socialise outside, gardens have become treasured spaces that need a little more love…and a little more places to sit. Cue our new outdoor rugs from Talking Tables. Brightly coloured fun designs on waterproof, comfortable rugs that can be used to style, to accommodate or to take to the beach!

And what would Spring be without a little frivolous FUN too. We’ve been actively working on our pocket money selection recently: less plastic and more totally sweet treats. We’re pretty chuffed with the new additions, but we’ll keep you posted on feedback from our smallest, most discerning customers.

So, whether we welcome you through our blue doors or through the world wide web, we’re chuffed to have you here and look forward to making gifting (and all-important self-gifting) a very joyful experience. And, as the world changes once more and we are afforded more freedom, don’t forget to flap those beautiful bright wings!

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