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Unique, Interesting & Special – The Silly Edition

The Silly Edition Gift Guide

Unique, Interesting & Special Gift Ideas - The Silly Edition

Welcome to official gift guide territory. A place for inspiration, light bulb moments and possibly a screen-shot or two. Our aim is to highlight lovely things that we know make great gifts (after all, this is our specialist subject) and give you opportunities for ‘ooo that would be great for <insert loved one here>’. Whilst these online guides won’t include everything our shop has to offer (have you seen the amount of things on our happy selves?!), they will give you a curated taste of the wide range of treats we have. We’re always on hand (in person, on the phone or via message) to advise you on gifts – its actually our favourite thing to do!

When debating where to start on our gift guide journey, we had to lead with silliness. Our shop is always full of laughter and joy and we do love a giggle-inducing gift. Also, is there a greater feeling than buying a silly present for a silly person that you know is going to make them feel extra silly and happy? We’re not sure there is. And, as a shop full of silly people, we feel very well placed to show you some super fun treats that would be wonderful wrapped up for the big gigglers in your life. 

Firstly, you have to embody the silliest of spirits and want to play! Our selection of glorious games has had many a new addition this year and we’re big fans of them all. Firstly, ‘You Can’t Say Umm’, is a game made for ridiculousness and one all the family can play: it even includes a bell. Sold. 

If you fancy getting more hands on with your game-playing silliness, may we introduce you to ‘Obey The Clay’, a game from the champions of animation, Aardman. Two teams, over 300 clay challenges and a LOT of laughter to be found in modelling. We can’t wait to play this one surrounded by mince pies and Baileys!

As a proud independent bookshop, we can’t help but want to give books as gifts (they make us happy). Part of the joy of books is that they can make you feel everything: heartbroken, empowered, understood AND super silly. This list contains many a book to make you laugh out loud, all very much appreciated by the silly people in your life. We personally think a copy of ‘Museum Bums’ should be in every stocking this year!

Silly socks, you truly can’t go wrong with these as a gift for anyone in your life. Useful, ridiculous and warm on the toes (it is winter after all), we have a huge selection in store at the moment. Some of which are a tad rude (well if you can’t be at Christmas, when can you!). Speaking of rude, our favourite keyrings ever are certainly a silly and spectacular gift for the funnest of people in your life. 

And lastly, Jellycat – the cutest of the silly sausage presents. We feel a popcorn bag would brighten all days and outfits, and those little Jellycat faces make all inanimate objects feel a tad silly. 

So, thats the beginning of gifting 101 with Spencer Thorn: books, games, socks, toys. It’s all treats you know about, we just do the best ones (if we do say so ourselves). 

Enjoy a browse and we’ll be back with another gift guide very soon!

Much love,

The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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