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Unique, Interesting & Special – Gift Ideas From Spencer Thorn

Unique, Interesting & Special Gift Ideas - November Is Here!

Welcome to smug November. At least, if you let us assist you with our treasure trove of gift ideas, you shall be sorted, smug and ready to feel calmly festive for the majority of December. November is the month that an incoming Christmas feels real. Presents do need to be purchased, lists shall need to be written and merry plans won’t make themselves. From our position as shop-full-of-wonderful-things, we spend a lot of the year planning and buying for this gifting extravaganza and aim to make happy gifting as enjoyable as possible for our wonderful customers. This means offering things that are interesting, unique and special. SO, as it’s now November, let’s do this! This month we will be publishing two gift guides a week, all with a view to you feeling in control (and joyful!) this festive season. 

Alongside these glorious gift guides, we shall be compiling book lists. Browsing books is an utterly blissful pastime, and wonderfully, they also make the best kind of presents (in our humble opinion). Together with our Christmas Book Catalogue (pick up a copy in store now OR download here), our lists give us a way to show you the best of the books on our happy shelves and inspire you to give the gift of reading this Christmas. Each gift guide will have its own book list to be pals with, a smorgasbord of ideas based on the recipients we know will be on everyones to-buy lists. 

So, with all of these plans afoot, are you feeling suitably festive? Chances are your house may still contain a pumpkin or two so its understandable if you’re not just yet. That’s where we come in. Easing you in gently to our festive state of being (remember, we’ve been sorting Christmas cards and unpacking amazing treats since September), one magical Jellycat at a time. 

If you haven’t visited our table of Jellycat Christmas treats yet, we highly recommend that you do. Guaranteed to make even the biggest Grinch feel some warm fuzzies (mainly due to Santa Ricky Rainfrog), THIS is where the familiar Christmas excitement begins: smiling faces and nostalgia galore. Of course, you can browse the full festive gang here (and get 10% off if you sign up for our newsletter!). 

Sadly some elements of our special little shop don’t make it to our website (as we’re only a small team powered by biscuits), so if you can pop in and see us you’ll also be wowed by our selection of traditional advent calendars and Christmas cards. We’re all in, and have already begun to hum some festive bangers. 

Oh, and if, even in the face of previous year’s mad-panics, you are planning to be hugely organised this year, may we suggest a Christmas Planner to make you feel both smug and hugely in control. There’s nothing we love more than new stationery, especially of the festive planning kind!

And as the evenings get dark and cosy, and thoughts turn to family time: board game season is upon us! Get your fix early in the form of some brand new fun, most of our games can be found here, but we also have some special ones in store only!


So, sit back and prepare for a month of our elves letting you know all the best gifts to buy this year. We hugely appreciate you supporting little independent shops like us with your hard-earned pennies and hope the unique, interesting and special things we shout about over the coming months make your Christmas even happier, 

Lots of festive love, 

The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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