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What Mums Want – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What Mums Want Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

What Mums Want - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We pride ourselves having a shop FULL of things people really want. We see it in the agonising Jellycat decisions, the teetering piles of treats wobbling to the counter and the happy smiles of the people that spend time wandering through our jolly shelves. It’s also super important to us that we offer a soaringly wide range of lovely things: big, small, coastal, fluffy, read-y, serious and silly (but all utterly wonderful). 

There’s also the fact that a lot of our merry crew are Mums. Mums who love our shop and who all have a say in what we stock, what we read and most importantly, what we snack on at work. 

Spencer Thorn Inspiration Table

So, all of that means that in our vast, colourful, intriguing blue shop, we KNOW what Mums want (in addition to some quiet time, solitary bathroom visits, a large gin and to never have to enter the supermarket again- but sadly Jellycat don’t offer those services). 

Whilst truly, genuinely the thought is ALWAYS what counts, that thought can be put to very good use with us. What about a book on a subject Mum has always been fascinated in? A notebook to make a start on that big idea she has? A fluffy version of that animal she loves or associates with a memory of you? A beautiful thing that made you think of her…

You know us, we love to be your personal little shopping elves (if elves are allowed to be out in Springtime), so of course we’ve compiled a few ideas for exactly what Mum wants. And my GOODNESS she deserves whatever that may be. 

Or, enjoy a browse of some fantastic brands that we are proud to stock in store (that have Mum’s name all over them). Wrendale offers beautifully illustrated woodland gifts to bring joy and whimsy wherever they go: does Mum need a new glasses case, or something to remember all her passwords?

Arthouse Unlimited is  a charity we love to champion as they expertly present the impossibly beautiful artistic talents of adults with complex support needs. A magnificent new candle? Done. Delicious, interesting chocolate treat? They’ve also got you covered. Do make a note of them for future gifting needs too: there’s nothing nicer than a beautiful gift that does a lot of good too. 

Rosie Made A Thing is such an iconic brand, it truly needs no introduction – hilarious, on-the-nail cards and gifts that were made for giggles and solidarity. It’s only difficult to choose as you may want it all too. Or, perhaps one of Joma Jewellery’s ‘A Little’ bracelets has the perfect sentiment for showing Mum how much you appreciate her?

And lastly, Dock & Bay is a relatively new addition to the Spencer Thorn family but one that you have all LOVED instantly; recycled, quick-dry, stylish towels are very much at home in our seaside shop. But recently they have expanded the colourful fun to beach bags, picnic blankets and dog towels. We want one of everything!

You can also head over to to see our list of mum-tastic reads, the ones that we are showcasing on our brand new super-fancy book table in fact! We’re really enjoying even more space to showcase things we know you’ll love. 

SO, have we covered all of the things Mum could want in our Mother’s Day gift inspiration edit? We hope so, but if your Mum wants for more or you need a helping hand – pop in and see us or give us a call. Our Springtime Mum Elves (please call us that from now on) will be super happy to help. 

Lots of love, 

The Spencer Thorn Gang x 

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