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Spring Has Sprung – Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas

Spring Has Sprung!

The Easter holidays herald a brand-new gloriously green season to immerse ourselves in! Trees, flowers and our social lives awaken, ready to bask in some sunshine and eat ALL of the chocolate. Spring truly is the season of blooming back to life after the cosiness and comfort of Winter. To us, that means colour, JOY and cuteness (all of which we are pretty huge fans of in this shop).

As you know, we are always a bunny haven, a beacon of rainbow Jellycat rabbits guaranteed to make you smile, but at Easter, these hoppy little cuties like to take centre stage (or centre window?)! You can even WIN a timelessly classic Bashful Cottontail Bunny and some delectable Coco Pzazz chocolate eggs over on our Insta

Jellycat have hatched even more delights for Spring 2023, namely the EGGquisite Eggs and candy coloured Chicky Cheepers. Pairing perfectly with the brand new bunny colours (Apple, Tangerine and Hot Pink don’t you know), impossibly fluffy sheep and gloriously green frogs! As always, they bring true joy and much squeaking from passers by… and, of course, the Spencer Thorn gang!

Our chocolate offerings have become more varied (mainly due to the roaring success of Arthouse Unlimited’ s iconic bars) and so we highly recommend that your Easter contains sweetness by the bonnet load. BUT it can also contain lots of other delights that really celebrate the changing of the seasons and our ability to be back out in the elements. Bude in the Spring really is quite something.

Firstly, the garden. Growing, sowing, planting are all top-tier April activities, enhanced by green-fingered knowledge in beautiful books. We’ve compiled a handy booklist of this particularly delightful genre of read for sugar-free Easter treats and Spring projects!

Staying outside, make the most of those April showers with the most colourful umbrella you can find, and when the puddles have ALL been splashed in and the wind picks up, get those magnificent kites soaring in the Spring breeze. Which one is your favourite?

Not forgetting the cute aspects of pastel-toned, baby animal filled Spring, Rockahula have smashed their brand new offerings. Featuring bunny WANDS (!), daisies, buzzy bees and floral prints,  they are the Easter accessories of dreams! 

And after all that windy, sunny, showery, splashy, muddy outside fun, there’s the contentedness of a cup of tea and a sit down. Whether that is with a new toy, a puzzle or a Spring-centred read, there’s nothing like a rest after a dose of natural Spring beauty!

We hope you enjoy Easter fun, copious amounts of chocolate and time spent with people who make you smile, 

See you soon!

Lots of love, 

The Spencer Thorn Gang x 

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