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Dads We Love You! Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dads - We Love You! Father's Day Gift Guide

How are we talking about Father’s Day already? That mid-June point always feels so far away when we are feeling Spring-like and covered in mini eggs back in April. But now, we’re almost there and, dare we say, there has actually been some sunshine to accompany the onset of Summer?! 

Rosie Made A Thing You're The Man Coaster

In terms of celebratory occasions throughout the year, sometimes it seems Father’s Day is the one that prompts the most head scratching. Dad’s CAN be hard to treat, so, as always we puff out our jolly blue shop and get ready to help find the perfect gift for all occasions. In the glorious spectrum of gifting, this can be super niche, super funny, super thoughtful or super interesting. With the tools at our disposal, we hope to prompt lightbulb moments for all the happy treats you wish to buy, but this one may need more inspiration than most. 

Firstly, books! It’s still so exciting to have our book table to showcase titles we know fit an occasion, or we just want to shout about! Do pop in and browse the books we think Dad would enjoy, or chat to us so that we can track down the perfect niche book (that shows you actually listen!). Our super fast book ordering service allows us to have most titles in store for you the very next day: better than an online order, no extra postage costs AND you’re supporting an independent bookshop (top marks!).

If you’re unable to get to our jolly shelves and want to browse the table (and more!) do check out our page for lists and lists of lovely books! We’ve even treated you to two whole lists of Father’s Day inspiration, one simply of the books on our table, and one of other Daddy ideas!

Moving on to gifts (that aren’t readable!), it’s been very fun compiling some silly and serious special treats for Father’s Day. You can find our whole gift guide here, but we’d love to chat to you about some of our highlights. 

As the aforementioned Summer continues (pretty please), it’s all about soaking up the sparkling seas and being sandy. It seems you agree with us on the wonder of Dock & Bay, as those handy little towels simply fly out of the door (and straight to the beach!). This year we have had some amazing new designs, but those iconic stripes remain a staple on the beaches (and sea pool!) Of Bude. Hugely useful, practical and stylish. 

Dock & Bay Whitsunday Blue Quick Dry Towel

Family time is pretty much the best gift you can give Dad (we asked some!), so why not sprinkle some extra fun in with a silly new game or puzzle for everyone to enjoy? We’re huge fans of Sounds Fishy, but maybe Dad is more of a James Bond, or Sherlock Holmes aficionado?

And if we’re talking silly – of course we have a whole lot of Jellycat fun on our jolly, fluffy shelves to make Dad smile. Burger fan? We have a very cute one of them. Does Dad only function with coffee? Give him a fluffy coffee cup to keep him company. Golfer? You know exactly what we are going to say!

Obviously, we can assist with the whole present situation: a card, wrapping paper, stamps, bows, sellotape. We’ve got you. 

So, come and see us! Either online or in person. We’ll be happy to pop on our year-round elf hats and ensure you get Dad the bloody great gifts he deserves!

Lots of love, 

The Spencer Thorn Gang x

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